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International transport and forwarding

International transport and forwarding

Our company specializes in international transport and international forwarding. During the 10 years of operation in the industry, we have made over 10,000 loads. We mainly transport vegetables and fruit with frigo trucks but we also do Neutral good transportation. We offer comprehensive transport of goods through a number of experienced specialists who deal with full truck loads. At the beginning of our activity, we carried out transports on the Poland-Greece route. With time, we have expanded the group of producers and recipients and the range of our activities. Currently, we specialize in transporting goods to Western and Southern Europe (Germany, Italy, Benelux, England).

Full truck load is the perfect solution for those who have a large load capacity. Our customer has the possibility to adapt the means of transport to the transported products and choose the date of delivery. Our fleet consists of modern vehicles up to 24 tons.

The most popular among our services is refrigerated transport, which we perform according to all international standards and standards set by our customers. Both before loading and during transport, shippers can regularly check the temperature of the vehicle. We also offer neutral transport, where the main means of transport are tilt trailers of various capacities.

Frigo transport

We also specialize in refrigerated transport at controlled temperature. We have a modern fleet of trucks with different payloads, tailored to the customer's needs. A group of experienced forwarders ensures that the goods are transported under the right conditions. We choose the right vehicles, guided by the knowledge of transport law. Our clients also have the option of dedicating the means of transport individually. We mainly carry fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen food and dairy products.

We provide our transport services in Western and Central Europe (Greece, England, Germany). We choose a convenient route of cargo transport, so that the delivery reaches quickly and safely to the place and at the cheapest cost.

The temperature in the vehicle is checked both before loading and during transport, which provides customers with a comprehensive guarantee of the quality of our services.

We transport goods in refrigerated trailers that have ATP certificates and third party liability insurance for the carriage of goods. In addition, the sanitary and technical condition of the vehicle is always checked prior to transport. This guarantees the safety of the transported load. In addition, the customer can request a thermographic printout.

We constantly inform the customer about the forwarding and transport process. On request, we notify you about the condition of the cargo during transport planning until the unloading at the designated place. We guarantee the safety of freight transport thanks to experienced employees and appropriate means of communication.

Full truck transport up to 24 tons

We provide FTL and forwarding services throughout Europe, in particular in Western and Southern Europe. We have a wide fleet of modern trucks with a load capacity of up to 24 tons. Depending on the type of cargo, our company selects the appropriate means of transport. The offer includes, among others, refrigerated semitrailers, adapted for transporting fresh vegetables, fruit and frozen food. The equipment also includes tautliners used for natural transport.

Our offer includes standard tarpaulin trailers with a volume of 90 m3, and in the case of a larger demand for tarpaulins that can hold up to 120 m3 of goods. Thanks to the large payload, our offer is used by customers who want to transport large loads and large dimensions.

Our company provides services both as part of long-term contracts and one-time orders.

Wholesale trade of fruit and vegetables

Wholesale trade of fruit and vegetables

We not only deal with transport and forwarding activities, but also have developed our activity in international trade. We specialize in wholesale fruit vegetable trade. We work with the best producers on the basis of long-term commercial contracts, which is why the goods delivered by us meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. During 10 years of operation in the market, we have expanded our range to many European countries. This allowed us to organize an increasingly developing network of trade links.

Our commercial activities are mainly focused on the south of Europe, i.e. in Greece. Due to the strong links with producers in this country and the network of contacts, the most products are imported from there. The goods go mainly to the countries of Western Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain) and to Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Greek products have the highest quality and come from reliable sources. We import vegetables and fruits in refrigerated semitrailers with care for the right temperature. They are mainly oranges, mandarins, watermelons, grapes, potatoes, as well as many other exotic products.

Advice on establishing commercial cooperation between producers from Greece
and Poland

Advice on establishing commercial cooperation between producers from Greece and Poland

Mizeton deals with trade intermediation. We help entrepreneurs with a network of food supermarkets establish permanent cooperation with fruit and vegetable producers from Greece and Poland. Our customer has a guarantee of good quality goods, because we work only with trusted suppliers. Since the beginning of our activity, our company has been acquiring business partners in the Balkans and today can boast of many acquired contacts with producers. In Poland, thanks to an active trade-oriented policy, we also have links with reliable exporters who manufacture products for retail chains in the country and abroad.