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We conduct dedicated full truckload transports, in compliance with all the norms and standards required by our customers.
In all services performed through our company, both before the loading and during the transport, we are constantly monitoring the temperature on the trailer and the location of the vehicle.
Both the sanitary conditions as well as the certificates and the vehicle insurance documents are checked before the transport is finalized..
Due to the high requirements for our subcontractors, we can perform services meeting the highest standards, even in the case of demanding goods such as medicines or fresh fruits.
All the frigo trailers that are used for transport have valid ATP certificates, freight forwarder’s liability insurance policies for the transport of goods at a controlled temperature, and are equipped with thermographs with the ability to print out reports at any time.
We provide transport services throughout Europe, and the majority of our transports are carried out in Southern Europe.


We also conduct transports without temperature control. The main transport destination is England and all the transit countries along that route. Every day we also carry out transports inside the United Kingdom. We have been delivering goods to building supplies stores in the Greater London area for many years, on behalf of one of our clients. On this route the main means of transport are standard 90 m3 tautliner semi-trailer trucks. In the case of special requirements on the part of our customers, we can also provide mega trailers and special configurations that allow for the carriage of up to 120 m3 of goods.
We also regularly transport smaller quantities on the route between the United Kingdom and Poland, mainly in the form of partial loads for semi-trailers or using a dedicated smaller vehicle.
Although the majority of our resources are directed towards the United Kingdom, it is not a problem for us to deliver goods to any location in Southern or Western Europe. Our vehicles can also be found on regular routes in countries such as Romania, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria.


We help in the organization of ferry crossings, both in the south of Europe and in the case of transports heading to the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. At the request of our clients, we also provide support in the organization of combined transport.
We also have extensive experience in the organization of reloading and repacking of goods. We provide these services both in the case of neutral and refrigerated cargo.


Due to our strong links with Greece, we are also involved in the wholesale trade in fresh fruits and vegetables imported from southern Europe. Our offer is dominated by products from Greece, however, depending on the needs of our clients, we also import products from other countries of the Balkan Peninsula.