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Our specialties

these are our specialties

We specialize in the transport of:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits
  • frozen foods (vegetables, fruits, meat, ice cream)
  • dairy products

Full truck load controlled temperature transport on the following routes:

  • Greece – Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Greece – Western Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom)
  • Greece – Scandinavia
  • Italy – Poland
  • Poland – Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom – Poland
  • Poland – Romania, Bulgaria, Greece – Poland

Neutral full truckload transport on the following routes:

  • Poland – England/Germany/Benelux
  • England – Germany/Benelux/Poland
  • Benelux – Germany/Poland
  • Poland – Benelux
  • England – England

Transport of fresh fruits and vegetables

In the history of our company, we organized tens of thousands of transports of fresh fruits and vegetables. For many years we have been serving both wholesalers as well as large retail chains and supermarkets. One of our great assets is our extensive experience in work according to the high standards imposed by the supermarkets. We work with tried and tested subcontractors as a result of which we can guarantee the highest quality of transport and timely delivery. The quality of transport services is our top priority!!!

Cabotage transport

Due to the diversity of delivery destinations, and guided by the need to support our carriers/subcontractors, we have also specialized in cabotage transports. Thanks to intra-national transports, we help to lead vehicles out from inconvenient unloading locations to more accessible locations where export cargo is easy to find. This type of transport is especially popular in the United Kingdom among carriers conducting transports to the United Kingdom and from the United Kingdom.

Trade in Greek products

Due to our links with Greece and the network of connections established through the years, we mediate and trade in products of Greek origin.

Trade in fruit and vegetables from Greece:

  • oranges and mandarins
  • watermelons
  • grapes
  • potatoes
  • kiwi
  • peaches
  • cherries