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Transport Balkans

Transport Greece - Balkans

Mizeton is a transport and forwarding company that transports goods from Greece. The Greek products that we transport include exotic fruits and good quality vegetables. These are oranges, mandarins, lemons, potatoes, grapes, apricots, peaches, fish, medicines and various kinds of preserves. Transport from Greece to England and to Western European countries (Germany, the Netherlands) is our main route. Thanks to our acquired contacts with trusted producers in Greece, our customers can be sure that the products are of excellent quality and come from known sources. We also carry out deliveries in the opposite direction, transport to Greece from UK, that is, among other things, transport from England to Greece, from Germany to Greece, from the Netherlands to Greece and transport of goods from all UK. The main goods that we deliver to the Balkans are: frozen goods, cheese, and neutral goods on pallets. Our company realizes orders based on long-term contracts as well as on a single order of the service recipient. A group of specialized forwarders, thanks to extensive experience in the transport and logistics industry will take care of a convenient route as well as reliability and timeliness of delivered deliveries.

Transport Balkans

Transport Bulgaria

Our company also deals in FTL transport of goods and their forwarding from Bulgaria to UK and from Bulgaria to Greece. Bulgarian products are mainly dairy products, eggs and frozen food. They come from reliable and trusted producers and are characterized by high taste qualities. They reach English and Greek wholesalers and supermarkets under controlled conditions in refrigerated trailers. We also organize transport from UK to Bulgaria. We transport Greek products like oranges, apricots, mandarins, grapes, lemons, medicines and fish. We also carry Polish products. Transport from Poland is mainly fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes, apples and pears from Polish orchards, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, corn and many other high-quality products. The products are transported in cold stores. We also deal with natural transport. Our company realizes deliveries not only on the basis of long-term contracts with food companies, but also on individual orders. We mainly provide wholesale transport of goods.

Transport Romania

We also provide transport services from Romania to England and transport from Romania to Greece. Refrigerated transport to Romania and the Balkans  takes place with our modern fleet. We are effectively gaining a network of trusted suppliers also in Romania, thanks to which we can offer our clients goods from the best sources. Romanian products are fruits and vegetables, eggs and dairy products. In addition, we organize transport of goods from England to Romania. We also transport exotic Greek products such as oranges, tangerines, watermelons, lemons, grapes, as well as Greek fish, medicines and preserves. All goods are transported in vehicles that are adapted by our experienced forwarders to the type of transported products and due to individual customer needs. Our company realizes wholesale deliveries based on long-term commercial or commissioned contracts. We provide customers with comprehensive service during transport and timely deliveries, thanks to the experience and diligence of our employees.