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Transport Mainland Europe

Transport Poland - UK

Mizeton offers professional transport and forwarding services in Europe. Great interest among customers is transport Poland to England and UK to Poland as well as transports from Western Europe to the UK. We are currently sending a dozen or so cars a week on these routes. We travel to all regions of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. Delivered goods to Poland are fish from North Scotland and Animal feed from England, which are transported at controlled temperature. In addition, we transport aircraft machines on taultliners. Each truck is equipped with GPS to be able to control its position at any time. In the direction to UK and mainly to England, we carry ice cream, raspberries, blueberries, cauliflower and other vegetables from Poland, but also beer and floor panels. We also provide domestic transport throughout the UK. Our company provides refrigerated transport in the right conditions as well as neutral transport in tilt trucks. We have a fleet of modern means of transport adapted to the transport of various types of goods. Transport to and from Poland is our speciality.

Transport Poland

Transport Germany

Mizeton is a company that offers a wide range of services in the field of transport and forwarding, taking into account the needs of the customer. Our portfolio could not be missing transport from Germany to England and transport Poland - Germany. In fact, Germany is our main trading partner and the largest country in Europe, which is why we often take loads from Germany to other countries, especially to the UK. We are currently working with several large companies that import various types of processed products. We transport mainly from Germany to Poland and from Germany to UK . Due to the large number of subcontractors, we are able to offer very competitive prices with a high standard of services.

Transport Holand, Belgium

From the Netherlands to Poland, we transport mainly flowers, exotic fruits and practically everything that goes from Africa and Asia to ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp in Belgium. We often move our cars to the Netherlands and Belgium which are located in the UK which gives opportunities for loadings from UK to Holland or in the west of Germany due to the very high demand in the Benelux countries. We are also familiar with metastases from Belgium and the Netherlands to other European countries, both eastern and southern. We also occasionally carry onions from Poland to the Netherlands and organize transport England Netherlands Poland or UK Belgium Poland. Our transports in Benelux are mainly on cold stores, but we are able to make a good price quote for neutral charges as well. We invite you to contact our specialized forwarding agents or via the contact form.